Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Last year we built ourselves a greenhouse. Just a little one, but we are still only newbies to the whole gardening thing so we didn't want to overwhelm ourselves with a big project.

Our greenhouse was about 10x10 and was mostly made from reclaimed lumber, although we did have to buy some wood, so I think the whole thing cost us about $100.

Hunter helping our neighbour Gerard frame up the walls and build the base.

Putting up the first 2 walls

Make sure they are good and level

Got 3 walls up!

All 4 walls up

Now for the roof and the planter boxes

We used larger stone on the bottom to make it sturdy

Filled up the planter boxes with soil from our compost and used gravel for the center part.

Wrap that sucka up with some plastic (not greenhouse grade, but it will do for now) and plant!
We did tomatoes and cucumbers.


Hunter helped water the plants; our prized cucumber!

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